Key Grocery POS System Software Features Include: 32 - Bit Processing Easy Navigation Fast Lookups by Barcode, Name Built in Help System Bar Code Ready Fast Processing Saleperson Tracking Scale Interface Works with Portable POS Equipment Rentals Microsoft Access Compatible Time Clock Detailed Tape Rental History Detailed Customer History Quickbooks Compatible Invoices on Hold Credit Card Processing with IC Verify Sets Rental Due Dates Built in Backup Handles Multiple Clerks Handles Multiple Cash Drawers Family Memberships Coupon Plans Gift Certificates Handles Customer Account Friendly Printer setup Freebies and Specials Non-Video Sales Customer Quick Search Flexible Pricing Prints Mailing Labels Flexible Taxing Password Protection Detailed Inventory Reports Movie Reports Late, Rented Videos, Videos in Store Management Reports Promotions for Preferred Customers Financial Summaries Grocery POS Software PCAmerica Cash Register Express
Cash Register Express POS Software has all the necessary ingredients to not only check out the customers quickly, but to track each item being sold. Grocery stores are usually the busiest types of businesses. It is hard to fight against the long lines of people who are itching to be checked out fast. . Even in a multi-user environment, Cash Register Express is known for its stability on the network.Cash Register Express has been designed with a revolutionary technology for bulletproof network performance with its Enterprise edition. This special edition of Cash Register Express allows the server to go down while all stations remain working. When you get the server up and running again, the stations will synchronize all the data. You will not ever have to worry about your system going down.   Grocery Scale Intergrates with Grocery POS System Customer Facing Credit Card Terminal Diadem POS System Touch Screen with pcAmerica