Restaurant Pro Express is a complete restaurant point of sale software offering a robust set of features that makes it ideal for quick service restaurants. A colorful touch-screen makes it easy for servers to walk through each transaction increasing order efficiency and accuracy. Ordering is faster than ever. Restaurant Pro Express POS Software can complete transactions quickly by processing credit, debit and gift cards in as little as 3 seconds. With Restaurant Pro Express, keeping track of delivery orders from the phone call to actual delivery is a snap. Restaurant Pro Express also offers a drive-thru interface, unlimited menu items, customizeable buttons and more. Other features include customer marketing tools like, gift cards and loyalty programs, to help obtain new customers and encourage repeat business. Restaurant Pro Express has features that are a great fit for the quick service industry including coffee shops, fast food, cafeteria style and delivery. POS Software System Features Include: Phone Order Processing Invoice Notes for Delivery Directions Fast Customer Entry Order Filling Station To-Go Order Status settings Store Unlimited Customers Add Customers from any station Easy Lookup by customer number or name User Definable Hotkeys Print Extra Order to printer Customer Loyalty Features Coupons on the receipts Fixed Item Hotkeys Customer Notes Password Protection Employee Swipe Cards Works with Weight Scales Programmable Keypad Ready Prints To Stay, To Go or Delivery on remote printer Easy Invoice on Hold Support Multiple Stations Customizable and colorful touch screen Supports pictures in buttons Restaurant Pro Express Quick Service PCAmerica
Plug & Play POS Systems Completed POS Systems ready for use out of the box. Pre-loaded POS Software and pre-configured POS Hardware.