Approximately twenty five percent of the United States population does not have a bank account. Writing checks has become a less popular means of payment due to the time it takes to write the check and the fact that customers must show identification at time of payment. EMPLOYER PAYCARD ADVANTAGES Aside from any initial start-up costs associated with rolling out a paycard program, employers will immediately eliminate the re-occurring costs associated with buying traditional paper paycheck stock with security features along with window envelopes if they also migrate to a paperless pay statement. Employers will also enjoy cost savings from decreased toner cartridge usage for their paycheck printers as well as significant decreases in postage and overnight delivery charges for sending paychecks to employees at multiple work sites. Other advantages of paycard deployment and use for employers include: Reduce or eliminate bank service fees and account reconciliation costs, as well as stop payment fees for lost/stolen paychecks; Eliminate the need to physically provide a final paper paycheck to terminated workers in person or via overnight delivery; Elimination of escheatment liability for the employer, as it will be passed on to the financial institution that actually holds the employee's funds; and Minimize paycheck fraud by decreasing the total number of paper paychecks having to be produced and sent out by the organization EMPLOYEE PAYCARD ADVANTAGES From an employee's perspective, there are also intrinsic advantages and benefits when using a paycard offered to them by their employer instead of being paid via a traditional paper paycheck. With a paycard: Employees immediately eliminate check-cashing fees Have immediate access to funds o Trips to wait in line to cash paper paychecks at banks or check cashing establishments unnecessary; o wages can be accessed via 24-hour ATM networks; o Employees no longer need to go to their worksite to pick up paychecks on days off or during vacations; o No more waiting for paychecks to arrive in the mail; Increased safety and security associated with carrying large amounts of cash Make purchases using debit or credit at retail stores and online Exposure to identity theft decreases due to carrying personal information on paychecks and pay statements as thay are no longer issued to employees on paper; Allow family members access to wages with a secondary card issued employees get paid timely in the event of unforeseen circumstances, such as natural disasters, that can impact the delivery of paper paychecks via air and/or ground transportation. Employees develop good financial and budget habits by spending only what is available on the card;   Global Cash Card Paperless Payroll There are 70 million people in the US classified as unbanked or underbanked.